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Anxiety, anger, and faith.

I've been trying to faithfully read the Lent study every morning from  and this morning was about running from the inevitable rescue from our Savior (i.e. The story of Jonah). Today's writer posed a very good point; "When I row away... Continue Reading →

A little January desk rehab…

Every couple of months I have to unbury my desk from what inevitably is mostly junk mail with intermittent pieces of important paper that I really don't want thrown out. So this means I have to a have a couple... Continue Reading →

Why I Changed How I “Encourage” Other Mom Friends

Having a baby does things to the relationship with your partner that are both good and bad. There are some magical moments. There are also some really awful ones. A couple of nights ago there was a heated discussion that... Continue Reading →

Moving onward and upward, finally.

This past weekend we moved into our new apartment. It has a few things we've never had in 6 years of marriage. Like more than one bedroom. More than one bathroom. A washer and dryer. It might not sound very... Continue Reading →

Recipe of the Day: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

It's been very foggy here in the mornings, and very chilly. All the more reason to bust out the slow cooker. Now ordinarily I prefer making pot roast the old fashion way; low and slow in the oven, in an... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Never Did Before You Had a Baby

As my son sleeps in the car seat on the floor after coming home from the grocery store, I'm stealing these few quiet moments to get a quick post in. I've been compiling this list since about day one of... Continue Reading →

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