Faith: The struggle is real.

In the past I have not been bold about my faith. Mostly because I feel like such a doubting Thomas on a good day, and like a fraud the rest. I'm not perfect, I'm just me.  I have wrestled my... Continue Reading →

That time I gave up…

[This post is not meant to disparage anyone who works hard at the type of business referenced. So many wonderful women I know are AMAZING at it, and support their families in doing so. It's simply and account of my own... Continue Reading →

Can I become an Early Riser?

To sleep or not to sleep? That's usually what I'm deciding about 10pm every night when I really want to keep binge watching The Newsroom on HBO but know I SHOULD go to bed so I can wake up early,... Continue Reading →

A little January desk rehab…

Every couple of months I have to unbury my desk from what inevitably is mostly junk mail with intermittent pieces of important paper that I really don't want thrown out. So this means I have to a have a couple... Continue Reading →

Changes they are a comin’

Can you feel that? That crisp winter wind is blowing and with it is blowing in tons of changes for the new year. There's nothing more exciting, and terrifying for me, than change. I actually love change! I really do.... Continue Reading →

And all of the sudden its October…

Yikes, where has the year gone? Guess I've been preoccupied. With what you ask? Oh all kinds of things. Tried my hand at direct sales (the jury is still out on this one). Had emergency gall bladder surgery (why do... Continue Reading →

Food Choices and Parenting

A couple of years ago, when I first started blogging, it was to share our journey in completing a week-long Real Food Challenge. For 7 days we bought, cooked and ate only "real" (un-processed) food. It was an attempt to... Continue Reading →

Why I Changed How I “Encourage” Other Mom Friends

Having a baby does things to the relationship with your partner that are both good and bad. There are some magical moments. There are also some really awful ones. A couple of nights ago there was a heated discussion that... Continue Reading →

Welcome Spring! (its coming, I think)

Since we recently moved, I've been doing a lot of organizing and decorating projects. And since its something I really enjoy, I thought I'd continue to share. Plus its a nice break from all those serious parenting/motherhood issues we usually... Continue Reading →

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