Who I Am

I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a sister. I am a daughter. I am also a granddaughter. The oldest grandchild on both sides of my family, actually. Hello, I'm a type A... Continue Reading →

Anxiety, anger, and faith.

I've been trying to faithfully read the Lent study every morning from  and this morning was about running from the inevitable rescue from our Savior (i.e. The story of Jonah). Today's writer posed a very good point; "When I row away... Continue Reading →

3 more days.

Until we move out of this apartment life (hopefully forever) and into a real house with its own walls and ceilings we do not share with anyone. I should be so excited. I am. But its frustratingly excited. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Faith: The struggle is real.

In the past I have not been bold about my faith. Mostly because I feel like such a doubting Thomas on a good day, and like a fraud the rest. I'm not perfect, I'm just me.  I have wrestled my... Continue Reading →

Changes they are a comin’

Can you feel that? That crisp winter wind is blowing and with it is blowing in tons of changes for the new year. There's nothing more exciting, and terrifying for me, than change. I actually love change! I really do.... Continue Reading →

A Caveman and a Dinosaur Walk Into a Bar…

So my intent with these mommy perspective/parenting/life with a baby posts is pretty simple: keep it real, keep it honest. That might mean that someone out there who reads them may be offended by something I write. And that’s ok.... Continue Reading →

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