Emily is a stay-at-home-mom living in California with her husband Alfred and two kids.

Growing up in the church, she’s come and gone from several churches and denominations over the years. But in recent years began the process of truly deconstructing and reconstructing her faith, finding her true purpose in expressing love, affirmation and acceptance.

She’s an advocate for survivors of abuse in the church and a friend to all those living with the aftermath of a religious upbringing. You’ll usually find on her on Twitter sharing stories and listening to others in the Exvangelical community.

More than a “just a mom” she longs to help all women use their gifts and passions in the here and now, instead of thinking they must give it all up in the name of motherhood.

Living with moderate general anxiety disorder for the better part of her adult life, she’s a fervent advocate for mental health awareness. Taking every opportunity to share her own experiences, her goal is to help others understand and cope.

On the lighter side, she’s a little bit nutty about organization, cooking (and eating) and prides herself on never paying full price for anything if she can help it.

So here’s to emotional health, authentic relationships,  and always speaking your truth.