I spent Tuesday night reeling from the insanity of the election results just like the rest of you. And I was angry at first, angry that this man was voted in (I kindly asked my husband if from now on T can be referred to as the “the man who shall not be named”). 

But as the night went on, and night turned into day, my heart and soul were slowly warmed back up to sounds of hope coming from my social media feeds.

So many wise women and men of God offering a much broader, and what should have been obvious to me, perspective of the outcome. And it was simply this: God is bigger. God is the author of the ultimate long game. We know as followers of Christ than in the end love wins, and hate loses. 

Therefore even amongst an election with record voter turn out – fueled by hate – we sit back and relax and say, God is still good. Love will win. It’s not our job to know the end result, but it is our job to pray through the process. 

His love never fails. It never gives up. It is not the author of confusion but the author of hope. So let’s choose hope, instead of anger. 

A lot of people in my news feed supporting that man who shall not be named are women and men I know after God’s own heart, whom I’ve worked or served along side at some point in my life. They believe in the goodness of the same Father I do. I may not ever understand their acceptance of that man’s character, but at the end of the day that doesn’t really matter. Stop deleting people from your friends list just because their opinion differs. You keep them on your list and make sure His love is louder than their anger. 

Their salvation is same today as it was yesterday. The Father’s love for them is the same as it is for me. Did you catch that? Our good God loves each and every one of us, no matter which political candidate you support, the same. 

So let’s choose love. Let’s choose hope. Roll up our sleeves and get back to posting our thankfulness this month, eat some turkey, and then celebrate the birth of a savior. How crazy is it that we serve a God so big, that when the rest of the world is loosing their minds over this election we get to just say: “God’s got this” and get back to our holiday season??

That’s some crazy hope. The kind that comes from the love of a crazy big God. THAT is something to be thankful for.