Feels like we’re almost to the finish line. There are pros and cons to having an overlap week, when you’ve moved but still have keys to the old place. More time to clean and get the last odds and ends, but on the other hand it can feel as though the old is still hanging over you like a wet blanket so you can’t enjoy the new yet.

My resolve is that at least now my new kitchen is unpacked. (new to me, it actually has the most poorly designed cabinets I’ve ever seen, but with rentals you just make it work) We have moved a lot in the 7 years we’ve been married. And one thing that always remains true is that once the kitchen is unpacked, life can go on. I still may be living out of a suitcase and the washer may have not seen one load of laundry yet, but if my dishes and mugs have a home and my coffee pot is in its rightful place, I can breathe. And that means that my mind can relax a little and process the unpacking of the rest of the house.

In the words of my mother, all I have is time. But the more time spent in boxes, for me, is more time for anxiety to creep in reminding me of ALL THE BOXES.

At the end of the day though, I am blessed. It’s been 9 years since we haven’t shared a wall, ceiling, or parking lot with strangers. Years of feeling like I couldn’t host a small group or have friends over for dinner or even host a play date; because no space and parking dilemmas and NO SPACE.

God is good. And a provider. He saw what our family needed and gave me the courage and determination and patience to get here. Without Him I would be huddled in a corner somewhere in the fetal position waiting for it to blow over.

“God didn’t come merely to save us to a life beyond this world. He came to redeem the one we already inhabit. The message of the gospel didn’t begin with death. It began with a world-starting life, the birth of God as a flesh-and-blood baby who lived out thirty-three years of robustly human life. The man Jesus showed us what it meant to live as creative, loving, constructive children of God, our Father.” -The Life-giving Home by Sally & Sarah Clarkson