Until we move out of this apartment life (hopefully forever) and into a real house with its own walls and ceilings we do not share with anyone.

I should be so excited. I am. But its frustratingly excited. I’m not sure if that makes sense. But our upstairs neighbors have made our life miserable for the last several months. And with each incredibly noisy afternoon and evening, and every nap my toddler is woken from I am anxious. So, so anxious. Even as I type he’s trying his best to stay in his little fitful sleep just a tiny bit longer, to the sounds of yelling and stomping and whining children.

Now it is very easy for me to sit in my place of judgement just be angry. And I am, angry that is. But it’s hard for me to reconcile. We don’t know them by name. Sometimes there are people you see and you just know, from the way they’re raising their kids, or the way they treat each other that they are just not your people. But they are still people. And I’m pretty sure when Christ said love your neighbor, he didn’t just mean the ones you like.

What I can tell you is this. They have 5 kids and 2 adults in a 2 bedroom apartment. With two bathrooms, a kitchen and one common area. Of the 5 kids living there, the oldest is a teenager, the youngest is a newborn, only weeks old. The older kids who are in school are up fighting with each other and running around until well past 11pm every night of the week. And upon my husband having to go up there the other evening to inform them their bathroom was leaking through our ceiling (yes, that happened), he informed me there is no furniture. Only folding chairs and inflatable mattresses.

I don’t know the circumstances that brought them to this point in their life. All I know, in addition to the information above, is that they have made life with a toddler who naps and goes to bed at 8:00 every night very, very difficult.

But in these last few moments of frustration I’m going to choose to breath, and pray for silence. Because life is too short to stay angry.